Toheeb Jimoh Gives His Opinion on TV Shows Starring Nigerians

Toheeb Jimoh talked about the Nigerian characters he has played in two popular TV shows.

When he talked to Insider, he said, “It’s clear that it was planned, and I’m doing it on purpose. And I love being able to tell Nigerian stories that put us in a new light.”

The actor was born in London and raised in Nigeria. In the hit Apple TV+ comedy series Ted Lasso, he plays football player Sam Obisanya and has been nominated for an Emmy. Jimoh wrote an essay about the role of independent journalist Tunde Ojo in the book The Power.

Both series are coming out at the same time. “I didn’t plan that,” Jimoh said, adding that it’s “dope” to play two Nigerian characters at the same time.

The 25-year-old actor also said that stereotypes about Nigerians are common in American and British culture. He said that his roles in these popular shows would help change these ideas.

“When I watched TV, the way Nigerians were shown had nothing to do with Nigerians. It was a look from the outside at my culture and my parents’ culture and how it looked, “Jimoh said.

“It’s great to be able to be a part of the story, to have a little bit of control over it, to add my own flavor, and to bring all the joy and good things I’ve seen from the inside to the screen.”