Tom Brady Dating a ‘Blonde-Haired Superstar’ Following His Breakup with Gisele Bündchen

Tom Brady is said to be trying to make his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen “jealous” by telling everyone he is dating a “blonde-haired superstar.”

Radar Online said that the NFL star has been “hiding his misery” ever since he broke up with the Brazilian model.

But “seeing Gisele do well on her own is getting to him,” a person close to Brady said. Brady has been telling his close friends that he’s quietly dating a “blonde-haired superstar.”

The source went on to say that Brady is only dating to make Bündchen “jealous” because he is not ready to move on so soon after ending his 13-year marriage to the model.

The source said, “He just wants to make Gisele jealous and project the image that he’s a happy bachelor who’s got it made.”

This comes after it was said that the former football player is “done with models” and doesn’t want his ex-wife to be involved in his future relationships because she knows everyone in the modeling world.

A source told the newspaper that Brady wants to find a woman who is “conservative and traditional” as one of the things he wants in a future partner.

“After Gisele, Tom is done with models,” the insider said before sharing the other reason Brady wants to date someone with a low-key job.

“Gisele still knows everyone in the modeling industry, and the last thing he needs is his ex-wife involved in his future love life,” a source said.

Brady announced the split in October 2022, after 13 years of marriage, calling it “painful and difficult.”