Tom Cruise Admits to Not Wearing Helmets During Dangerous Stunts

Tom Cruise recently said that he didn’t wear a helmet when doing dangerous stunts on the set of the Mission Impossible movies.

This weekend, Tom said on Australia’s The Sunday Project, “Just doesn’t look cool.”

The 60-year-old said, “When I ride my motorcycle and when I train, I wear a helmet and pads.”

“I wear helmets when I ride motorcycles and when I’m training, and I wear pads,” Tom said

The Top Gun star said, “When you start to go film, all the pads come off. So, I train in helmets.”

Tom said that the team was “terrified” when he jumped off a mountain on a motorbike and glided to the ground in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, which he called his “most dangerous” stunt.

Tom said that for the scene, he “practiced skydiving for the scene and had a ramp built in England so he could do a few dry runs.”

“I want to give everything. To have that experience, to see that it communicates to an audience when it’s real. It’s different. There are stakes. There are real stakes,” the performer said.

The seventh MI movie starring Tom is set to come out in Australian theaters on July 8.