Tom Cruise Is Being Warned by Shakira’s Followers Amid Relationship Rumors

Shakira’s fans seem to be more careful and worried about their favorite star due to the rumors that she is having an affair with Tom Cruise. In response to the rumors, they have been giving funny warnings to the actor.

The “Top Gun: Maverick” actor seems to be interested in dating the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer, which could be the start of a new relationship, but her fans are laughing at the rumors.

Shakira and Tom are both single and not in a current relationship. The singer just broke up with her longtime boyfriend, soccer star Gerard Pique, because he cheated on her with a less famous woman he is now dating.

Media sites show them as a great match, but Twitter users are clarifying that they don’t like them together.

People are yelling into the void in hopes that Shakira will hear them. They want her to stay away from this guy named Shak.

One user wrote, “SHAKIRA! LISTEN TO ME! He wants to get you to join Scientology. DO NOT GO ON A DATE WITH HIM! LISTEN TO ME! SHAKIRA!!”

As Tom responded, a fan reportedly told him, “Get away from her” and “Stay away from her” are trending because there are rumors that Tom Cruise wants to date Shakira.

People who like Shakira say that they don’t want her to date Tom because of the actor’s past relationships and his ties to Scientology.