Tom Holland and Zendaya Were Reportedly Seen Attending the NBA Playoffs Together

On Thursday, the 2023 NBA playoffs were held at the Chase Center in San Francisco. Tom Holland and Zendaya were seen having a date night there.

Both 26 years old, the Spider-Man co-stars went for a casual look. Zendaya wore a white t-shirt, gold-rimmed glasses, and gold rings, and her boyfriend wore a light grey crewneck sweater.

The couple, who recently attended an Usher concert, appeared to be enjoying themselves, with Zendaya snacking on popcorn and Tom engrossed in the game.

The Oakland-born Euphoria star was happy when the Golden State Warriors won with a final score of 127-100.

Tom and Zendaya were not the only famous people at the NBA playoff game. Danny DeVito, a famous actor who is a huge Lakers fan, was also there. He wore a blue shirt, a black jacket, and black pants.

Ryan Coogler, who made Black Panther and is also from Oakland, was also there. The director of Marvel movies wore all black clothes and round glasses with gold frames.

A 47-year-old former baseball player Alex Rodriguez was seen watching the game with his girlfriend, Jaclyn Cordeiro.

The athlete looked fit because he was wearing a white button-up shirt under a plaid blue sweater.

In the second round of the 2023 NBA playoffs, the defending champion Warriors tied their Western Conference semifinal with the Los Angeles Lakers, 127-100, on Thursday night.