Tom Holland Opens Up About the ‘Hollywood Industry’ in a Candid Interview

Tom Holland has said something freely and honestly about the Hollywood business.

Tom told Jay Shetty on his show On Purpose that he doesn’t like being in the entertainment business but likes making movies.

“I really am a massive fan of making movies, but I really do not like Hollywood. It is not for me.”

He said more: “The business really scares me. I understand that I’m a part of that business, and I enjoy my kind of interactions with it, but that said, I am always looking for ways to kind of remove myself from it to kind of just live as normal a life as possible.”

Yahoo said that the 27-year-old actor said that he has seen so many people lose themselves in this game.

“I’ve seen so many people come before me and lose themselves, and I’ve had friends that I’ve grown up with that aren’t friends of mine anymore because they’ve lost themselves to this business.”

Tom Holland began his job when he was only nine years old. He became well-known after he played Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming.