Tory Lanez Marries ‘Mother of His Child’ Behind Jail in the Midst of the 10-Year Megan Thee Stallion Case

Tory Lanez, also known as Daystar Peterson, is said to have married Raina Chassagne, the mother of his six-year-old son Kai, while he is in jail for 10 years for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

Three felony charges against Lanez are connected to the case.

Recent reports say that Lanez is now trying to get bail. Court reporter Meghan Cuniff wrote about this in a Substack story.

Cuniff, who also posted about this on the X platform, has shared screenshots of what is said to be a new action.

This motion asks that Lanez be let “live locally in Los Angeles” instead of going to jail to serve his sentence.

Raina Chassagne, who was crying outside the courthouse after Lanez was sentenced, is called his “wife” in the screen grabs.

A screen-grab from Meghan Cuniff’s Substack story on X shows that Tory Lanez plans to live with his wife Raina Chassagne and their six-year-old child in the Los Angeles area if he gets out of jail.

Cuniff’s story also talks about how quickly Lanez’s relationship status has changed in the past few weeks.

The motion made shows that what used to be called his “fiancée” is now officially called his “wife.”

It’s important to note that Raina Chassagne’s friends supported her while she waited by her car on August 8 after Lanez’s sentencing, where she was clearly upset.

During the sentencing hearing, she pleaded with all her heart for Lanez’s sentence to be lessened. She said that her ex-boyfriend was driven and reliable.