Tucker Carlson’s Guest Has an Extremely Sexist Perspective on Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler may have been making a lighthearted jest when she released a comedy sketch last week praising the benefits of being a “childless woman” and savoring the time to do anything she wants. However, while addressing the skit on his Tuesday show, Tucker Carlson and his guest viewed it as a symptom of a severe social issue.

Jesse Kelly, a right-wing radio personality, stated that feminists such as Chelsea Handler had been told by their society that they can be girl bosses and accomplish anything a male can do, despite the fact that everyone who has ever seen a woman back up a vehicle knows this is not true.

Image source: Fox News

Kelly went off on a sexist rant, saying that childless women spend Valentine’s Day alone, that their wombs are like tumbleweeds blowing through a ghost town, and that if your Valentine’s Day date for the tenth consecutive year is a copy of “Magic Mike” from the 2000s and a half-empty bottle of Xanax, you’re doomed. Carlson sat expressionless on his chair.