Twitter Marijuana Advertising, Faster Instacart Shopping, and Work Burnout

Here is a summary of the day’s top trending market stories.


There will soon be cannabis advertisements on Twitter. The social media network announced it will let cannabis-related advertisements in jurisdictions where the drug is legal. Twitter will be the first social media network to authorize marketing for THC-containing products, while Reddit now permits advertisements for CBD-containing products. In a blog post announcing the change, the corporation stated that it would facilitate “ethical cannabis marketing.”


Instacart is launching a new tool designed to save time and money for “shoppers” (which, in company lingo, refers to employees). It is known as the “Queued Batches” feature, allowing users to accept a second order before completing the first. According to the company, this will dramatically reduce the time shoppers spend in the store.


A new study demonstrates that burnout is not only real but much more severe than it was during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a survey by Future Forum, more than forty percent of office workers feel burned out. Several analysts attribute this annoyance to increasing inflation, economic unpredictability, and anxieties about being laid off. The termination of the work-from-home policy may also play a role.