Ulrika Jonsson Criticizes Hollywood for Supporting Johnny Depp at Cannes

Ulrika Jonsson recently criticized Hollywood for praising Johnny Depp on Wednesday at the Cannes Film Festival.

Ulrika was upset with Johnny’s fans in her latest piece for The Sun. She wrote that he was found to be a domestic abuser by an English High Court judge.

She wrote, “As if winning his case of defamation against Amber Heard, who gave countless examples of his atrocious conduct and made allegations of violent, coercive, denigrating and manipulative behavior wasn’t enough, people are now — literally — rolling out the red carpet for Depp. He’s a hero.”

“He hasn’t even had to show any signs of rehabilitation—they just love Johnny,” the 55-year-old said.

The man who, as Ulrika put it, “talked in texts about wanting to rape his wife, burn her body and drown her to make sure she was dead.”

Ulrika said, “He claimed they were made in jest.”

Ulrika called society “sexist” and said, “A woman in Johnny’s position would have never been forgiven so easily.”

While this was going on, Johnny told the press at Cannes that he “doesn’t feel boycotted by Hollywood.”

Pirates of the Caribbean’s Orlando Bloom elaborated on his feelings towards Hollywood: “I don’t have much further need for Hollywood, myself.”