UMass Issues Warning on TikTok Drinking Trend Following 28 EMS Responses

The University of Massachusetts has warned about a TikTok drinking trend after 28 ambulances were dispatched to parties off-campus.

On Saturday, students were seen carrying jugs containing alcohol, electrolytes, flavoring, and water, called “blackout rage gallons” or “BORGs.” “The fad of binge drinking is gaining a hold on TikTok, according to officials.

According to officials, there were so many requests for ambulances due to student alcohol intoxication that neighboring agencies stepped in to assist. According to the Amherst Fire Department, none of the incidents posed a threat to life. UMass Police recorded two underage drinking arrests.

According to UMass officials, this is the first time that the university has noticed extensive use of BORGs at off-campus gatherings.

The institution stated that it would evaluate the weekend’s events and take action to improve alcohol education. The physiological and physical dangers of binge drinking are already taught to incoming students.

The weekend’s celebrations are known as the “Blarney Blowout” among UMass students. “Local media reported on an unofficial Saint. Patrick’s Day celebration that occurs annually.