Vanessa Hudgens Went on a Tropical Vacation to the Philippines Wearing a Tiny String Bikini

Vanessa Hudgens is busy and has a lot going on. The actress is taking some much-needed time for herself by going to the Philippines for a tropical vacation, and she posted the sexiest photos to prove it. She recently relaunched Know Beauty with a four-minute facial, has been providing a steady stream of very good looks, and has kept us guessing about her wedding plans.

She posted a series of photos on Instagram about a day she spent relaxing in crystal-clear waters surrounded by tropical cliffs. She was clearly having a better Wednesday than the rest of us. The photo shows the model sunbathing in a brown leopard-floral patterned string bikini top and bottoms. Baby V paired her Dezi cuffed sunglasses with a gold pendant necklace, a gold cuff, a gold body chain, and chunky hoops for the summer.

The rest of the photo dump showed the star enjoying the getaway with her mother Gina, and younger sister Stella as they tried out paddle-boarding. “#foreverphilippines,” she wrote as the post’s caption.

Vanessa made time for a sunrise hike in addition to enjoying the big three vacation must-haves: food, drinks, and views. She took pictures of the early morning hike in Palawan with some close friends and posted them on Instagram. When they got to their destination, they watched the sunrise over the ocean.