Veterans Health Administration to Pay $26K for Experimental Alzheimer’s Medication

Around six million People have Alzheimer’s disease, according to the CDC, yet access to potentially life-saving experimental medications is limited. The Veterans Health Administration is seeking ways to give access to affected veterans.

Biogen, in collaboration with the Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisei, stated a year ago that the medicine Leqembi showed promise in decreasing the cognitive loss of Alzheimer’s patients by 27%. The VHA said that it will pay each veteran on Leqembi more than $26,000 yearly. If the FDA provides complete approval by July 6, Medicare and Medicaid services have stated that they will immediately expand coverage for the medicine.

Image source: Cheddar News

The Food and Drug Administration granted Fast Approval to the investigational medication earlier this year. The specific route to approval was established by the government to expedite the clearance of medications used to treat critical illnesses.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services refused to give unrestricted coverage of the medicine last month because “there is currently insufficient evidence to meet the criteria for reconsideration.”

“This standard differs from the standards used by the FDA to evaluate the safety and efficacy of drugs. We are aware that other publications containing information pertinent to the issues posed in the present NCD may be forthcoming,” according to the agency’s statement.