Victoria Beckham Wants Brooklyn to Switch Careers or Study Cooking

Victoria Beckham expresses concern over her son Brooklyn Beckham’s cooking skills and desires a career shift.

The fashion designer encourages the aspiring chef to consider a different career path due to negative comments from social media users on his cooking videos, causing emotional distress.

Brooklyn, who has experimented with football and photography prior to pursuing cooking, has expressed to his mother his determination to persevere and not give up.

According to an insider who spoke to Heat Magazine, there are concerns that Brooklyn’s negative reputation could harm his career if he doesn’t take action. The source revealed that Brooklyn is considering exploring other options or increasing his training before fully committing to his chosen path.

According to an insider, Vic finds it challenging to accept when it involves her son, despite her willingness to attempt something even if she lacks expertise and faces criticism.

According to the source, Victoria and David Beckham are well aware of the harsh criticism that comes with being in the public eye.

Vic encourages Brooklyn to consider a career change if she’s tired of being ridiculed, but he remains resolute in his determination to establish himself and avoid being the subject of mockery.

The source revealed that the protagonist is willing to go to great lengths to safeguard her loved one, even if it elicits strong emotions.