Weapons Adds Pedro Pascal to Its Cast

Reports say that Pedro Pascal will play the lead role in the new horror movie Weapons, which New Line Cinema will make.

Zach Cregger, who also directed the hit horror film Barbarian last year, will be in charge of the movie.

Cregger’s next horror movie, Weapons is said to be an “interrelated, multistory horror epic” with a tone similar to Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1999 thriller Magnolia.

After Cregger’s movie Barbarian became a surprise hit last year, the big production companies in Hollywood took notice of Weapons and bid against each other to make it. In the end, New Line Cinema got the bid and will be the studio that makes the movie.

The role of Pedro Pascal in the movie hasn’t been decided yet, but the movie is supposed to be the next big horror hit. Zach Cregger is getting paid $8 million to write and direct the movie, so people have high hopes for it.

In the meantime, Pedro Pascal has been the focus of millions of fans who love him. Pascal is being praised for his parts in The Mandalorian and The Last of Us, which is based on Sony’s popular game of the same name.

HBO has given The Last of Us another season, which should come out in late 2024 or early 2025.