WGA to Protest Apple TV+ at Worldwide Developers Conference

The WGA has laid out its plan to protest against Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

On June 5, the union is going to hand out leaflets in different places, asking Apple to end the ongoing disagreement.

The WGA says that Apple TV+’s streaming library is small and only has a few licensed shows or scripted material that the WGA covers.

The union points out that the strike has already hurt a number of popular shows, such as “Loot,” “Severance,” and “Sinking Spring.”

The Writer’s Guild of America is requesting fair negotiations and has asked Apple, a company that earned a significant amount in profits last year, to contribute $17 million annually to support the needs of writers.

Protests will happen in Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, and in front of Apple’s offices in Cupertino.

Members of the Writers Guild of America have been on strike, among other things, because technological growth has made it necessary. The WGA members who want AI to be controlled are also worried about the use of AI in screenwriting.