Why Kylie Jenner Could Not Forgive Jordyn Woods Despite Being ‘Devastated’

If it weren’t for Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Jordyn Woods, they would have gotten back together long ago.

After having a fight in 2019, the owner of Kylie Cosmetics and the founder of Heir Jordyn are now friends again.

Tristan Thompson was caught kissing Woods while he was dating Kylie’s bigger sister, Khloé.

A source told People Magazine that if Khloé hadn’t stopped her sister from staying friends with Woods, things would have been better between the two friends sooner.

After three years, the two people who used to be best friends were seen leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles on Saturday.

People heard from another source that Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods had been out in public together before. Over the past year, the two have spent time together away from the cameras as they worked to fix their bond.

People Magazine said that a source said that Woods was the first one to try to make peace.

“Jordyn reached out to Kylie to apologize for how everything went down and let her know that she loves her,” a source said.

Jaden Smith brought Woods and Jenner together in 2012, and they’ve been friends ever since. But when Thompson and Woods were caught cheating on each other in February 2019, their close friendship stopped.

When the news of the split first came out, a source told People, “although Kylie was very upset and disgusted by the Tristan situation,” Still, it was “very hard” for Kylie to “just cut Jordyn out of her life. Kylie was devastated at first. Jordyn was her confidant for so long.”