‘Witchboard’ Casts ‘Stranger Things’ Actor Jamie Campbell Bower

Jamie Campbell Bower, who is best known as the bad guy Vecna in Stranger Things, will be in the new version of the 1980s horror series Witchboard, which will be directed by Chuck Russell.

Russell and Greg McKay wrote the script, and Kade Vu and Bernie Geissler are producing with them for A-Nation Media. Deadline says that filming for the movie will start in May in Montreal and New Orleans.

Emily and Christian, who are engaged, move to New Orleans to open a café in an old carriage house. The movie will follow them as they do this. Emily, however, falls for an old pendulum board she finds there, which makes Christian go to the mysterious occultist Alexander Babtiste for help.

Russell said, “There is a long history of great English actors in movies who have both the charisma we associate with stars and the acting skills to really be chameleons and play many different kinds of characters.” “That kind of actor is Jamie Campbell Bower, and his time is now.”

Bower was in the first part of Western Horizon, which was directed by Kevin Costner and starred Sam Worthington, Sienna Miller, and Bower.

In May of last year, Bower put out the single Run On and directed his first music video for it. The singles “I Am” and “Devil in Me” came next.