Without Wheelchair Access, A Denver Councilman Had To Crawl Onto The Debate Stage

An election discussion was held on Monday night in a location that was inaccessible to wheelchairs, requiring a wheelchair-using member of the Denver city council to crawl onto the stage in full front of the audience. Chris Hinds, seeking reelection, claimed he was forced to participate in the discussion. According to The Denver Post, he would have lost about $125,000 in campaign funding if he had objected. He told the Post, “I had to decide between the profitability of my campaign and my dignity. And to make matters worse, he told Denverite that when he got out of his motorized wheelchair, which weighs around 600 pounds, organizers were unable to hoist it onto the platform. In the end, the discussion happened away from the podium. The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed over thirty years ago, and according to Hinds, “the whole objective was that we wouldn’t have public humiliation like this.”