Writers’ Strike Causes Big Brother USA Delay

Big Brother, the first reality TV show, will start its 25th season on August 2 instead of the first week of July, when it usually comes back.

Entertainment Weekly says that the Writers’ Guild of America strike may have played a role in CBS’s choice to delay the premiere.

The network said the new season will start with a 90-minute show in which a new group of Houseguests move into the Big Brother House.

In the UK, AJ Odudu and Will Best will host a new version of Big Brother. They said they were excited to host the famous show and promised to bring back real people and a mix of entertainment, humor, and real feelings.

“It’s going back to being real people,” Best promised.

“The great thing about Big Brother is it’s entertainment, but entertainment with a bit of everything thrown in. The focus of this is, it’s going to be an entertainment show, but it’s going to be fun and funny with all of that emotion and realness that you get with Big Brother.”