Zack Snyder’s ‘Rebel Moon’ Has Anthony Hopkins’ Robot ‘On a Journey of Self-Discovery’

Anthony Hopkins has played and made movies with some great roles. The veteran of Hollywood shows no signs of giving up.

His most recent journey is a Zack Snyder sci-fi movie called Rebel Moon. Sir Hopkins plays the mysterious robot Jimmy, who sometimes wears antlers in it.

He told Empire Magazine that Jimmy is a wild card and goes on a self-discovery trip throughout the movie.

The story of Rebel Moon is about the peaceful planet Veldt, which is in danger from the Imperium, a bad group that wants to take advantage of its valuable resources. In response, the planet gathers a group of tough warriors to fight back, taking ideas from the famous movie Seven Samurai.

Jimmy was one of many similar war robots made to serve their king. Now, the Imperium is using him to do hard work instead. Between the first and second parts of Rebel Moon, Jimmy will change in a big way.

Snyder thinks Jimmy is a good fit for the tone of the sci-fi tale. He adds an Arthurian element that goes well with his many different influences, from Akira Kurosawa to George Lucas. He compares Jimmy to Lancelot from the story of Excalibur. He also compares another character, Milius, to Percival. This shows that Jimmy, a robot like no other, will have an amazing story arc.