Zendaya Will Appear on the Upcoming Labrinth Album

Labrinth’s new record, Ends and Begins, will have a song with Zendaya from the U.S. It will come out on April 28, and there will be a total of ten songs on it.

Fans were surprised when he worked with Zendaya on his 2023 Coachella stage, where she made an unexpected showing. This was her first time on stage in seven years. She performed the songs “I’m Tired” and “All of Us” with the British artist.

They worked together on the two songs for the hit HBO show Euphoria, which stars Zendaya. Later, she went on social media to say thank you and share behind-the-scenes video from the show.

“Wish y’all could understand how loud it was last night. When I tell you this is exactly what I heard in my ears, my mic picked up every single one of you. So thank you for singing along, it was one of the only ways I knew what I was singing lol.”