A Biographical Miniseries About Janet Jackson’s Life Is in the Works

Janet Jackson is ready to tell her fans about her life in a TV miniseries about her life.

The singer told The Sun that she is “in talks” with writers about making a biographical TV miniseries.

A source told the outlet that Janet and her team are talking to writers to find the right one to write a biopic.

The source said, “The story would tell about Janet’s rich but hard-luck upbringing, how she became famous, and how she got along with her brother Michael Jackson.”

The plan is to make it a miniseries and use her music as the soundtrack.

Jackson hasn’t said anything about the report in public yet.

The source also said that the miniseries could be shown on the Lifetime TV Network.

The network also showed the best documentary on cable, which was about Janet Jackson and aired last year.

The news source said that last month, Lifetime also said they would put out a second documentary about the singer’s Together Again tour.

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