A Doctor in SoCal Is Accused of Poisoning Her Husband with Drain Cleaner

Jack Chen first had doubts about his wife, Yue “Emily” Yu, a 45-year-old dermatologist in Irvine. This was in April 2022. After taking a suspiciously strong sip of tea, he put cameras all over their home. This let him catch Yu pouring liquid drain cleaner into his unattended mug many times, prosecutors say. Yu said that she had never done that, but Chen’s lawyer said that her husband had hours of video showing that she had. Authorities say that Chen also took samples of the tea, which proved that he had been dosed. Yu was charged with three counts of felony poisoning and one count of felony domestic battery with bodily harm on Wednesday. If Yu is found guilty on all charges, he could get up to 8 years and 8 months in prison. Chen said that the poisoning hurt his stomach, but he is getting better.

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