A Music Critic Gets Hate Mail for Ignoring What BTS Jimin’s Achievements

Fans of the group BTS are upset with a music critic because he didn’t notice Jimin’s big accomplishment. The article was posted on the Korean forum Theqoo, where music critic Kim made a comment that got people’s attention.

Jimin recently made history on the Billboard chart by becoming the first Korean solo artist to reach number one with his song “Like Crazy.” The critic, on the other hand, missed Jimin’s big accomplishment and instead said that his success was due to chart manipulation:

“It is true that K-Pop has a large discrepancy between sales and streaming-radio numbers, and this is a glaring example of this. This (Billboard win) is a result of ‘chart manipulation’ that is attributed to K-Pop fandoms all over the world, in which there are only people who buy the music without anyone listening to it.”

Angered by the comment, BTS supporters took to social media to defend the band against what they saw as unfair criticism from the Korean media.

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