A24’s EEAAO “Raccacoonie” Auction to Help Laundry Workers and Transgender Rights

To raise funds for laundry workers, Asian mental health, and transgender rights, A24 is auctioning off artifacts from the popular film Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.

Many pieces from the multiverse-spanning film will be auctioned off, including Dierdre’s IRS ID card, Jobu’s Elvis costume, and an instantly identifiable “Auditor of the Month Trophy.”

In addition, a set of “Hot Dog Hands” and “Knitted Hot Dog Finger Gloves” reflect one of the film’s most memorable visual gags, which takes place in an alternate reality where everyone has hot dogs for their fingers. In addition, the Raccacoonie puppet itself will be up for auction.

You will understand these references if you are a fan of the genre-bending, dimension-hopping picture. If you are not, you may simply like to help a worthy cause.

Three distinct charities, including the Laundry Workers Center, Transgender Legal Center, and Asian Mental Health Project, will get one hundred percent of the revenues.

A24 staged similar auctions for successful films, including Uncut Gems and The Lighthouse.

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