Accuser of Sexual Assault Against Matt Schlapp Comes Out, Says He’s Not Backing Away

A Republican campaign operative who accused conservative powerbroker Matt Schlapp of sexually assaulting him revealed his identity on Wednesday after a court determined that his case against Schlapp and his wife could not continue secretly.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Carlton Huffman, a 39-year-old staffer, stated, “I’m not backing down… Matt Schlapp must be held accountable for what he did.” The 55-year-old Schlapp has categorically refuted Huffman’s allegations. Huffman’s lawsuit alleges that Schlapp “aggressively” fondled his genitalia in October 2022 and that Schlapp and his wife attempted to discredit him when his allegations went public.

Huffman said in a video broadcast to Twitter on Wednesday, “I am coming out to ensure that Matt Schlapp never has the opportunity to prey on anyone else without the world knowing what sort of man he is.” In an interview with the Post, he admitted to having written a number of racist blog entries, which Schlapp’s attorneys have cited in their arguments. “I am no longer that person,” he stated.

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