Africa’s week in pictures: 14-20 July 2023

A selection of the best photos from across Africa and beyond this week:

Issouf Sanogo/AFP

Man in stilts wearing Ivorian flag colours and a green wig.

Issouf Sanogo/ AFP

Animated protesters. There is smoke in the photo and someone in the middle with what looks like a cooking pot on their head.

Gerald Anderson/Getty Images

Man sitting down calmly in front of a burning car.

Luis Tato/Getty Images

Man running with smoke from teargas surrounding him.

Donwilson Odhiambo/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather at a black tie event surrounded by other sportsmen

Oupa Bopape/Getty Images

Man with a painted face blowing on a whistle

Lucas Ledwaba/AFP

Initiates wearing traditional clothing

Lucas Ledwaba/AFP

Stephanie Gilmore walking with her surf board near a rainbow.

Alan van Gysen/Getty Images

Nigerian man getting his eyes checked by a doctor

Getty Images

A man in a shop full of Egyptian handicraft.

Mohamed Elshahed/Getty Images

A boy diving into the River Nile

Khaled Desouki/AFP

Nadine Barsoum of Egypt performing in the water.

Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Team Egypt doing acrobatics.

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Veronica Louwe doing her hair in the mirror backstage

Kim Ludbrook/EPA

Michelle Alozie smiling, whilst holding up her phone in the football stadium.

Hannah Mckay/Reuters

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