Sara Sharif death: Pakistan police take children from grandfather’s house

Sara Sharif’s grandfather has told the BBC that five children who travelled from the UK to Pakistan with Sara’s father have all been taken from his house, where they had been hiding.

Neighbours said that dozens of police raided the property on Monday.

The 10-year-old was found dead at her family home in Woking on 10 August – her father and his partner had fled the UK the day before.

Post-mortem tests found Sara sustained “multiple and extensive injuries”.

Muhammad Sharif, Sara’s grandfather, said he had been hiding the children in his home in the north-eastern city of Jhelum, but would not say how long they had been there.

Just before 16:30 local time (11:30 GMT) on Monday, the BBC was told by neighbours that police had arrived to raid the property.

Eyewitnesses told the BBC that dozens of officers gathered outside the property, stopped traffic and prevented anyone from filming on their phones.

Mr Sharif said that all five children were then taken away by police.

He accused the officers of breaking the CCTV cameras and the gates of his home. He had previously repeatedly denied being in touch with his son or knowing where the family was.

The police have confirmed that they have the children. Sara’s father, stepmother and uncle Faisal Malik were not with them.

A neighbour told the BBC “Police officers including female officers raided the house. They broke the CCTV at the entrance and entered it. While inside, more officers arrived outside and stopped the traffic. They stopped everyone from filming on their mobile phones.”

On Friday, Muhammad Sharif told the BBC he had sent a message to his son Urfan Sharif to surrender himself to police “two to three days ago”.

He and his family have accused the police of harassing them, illegally detaining some members and raiding their homes. Muhammad Sharif has also accused the police of creating fake cases against them to add further pressure.

The police have denied this.

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