Stop Chasing Trends, Fitness is Simple: #TRAINLIKEABHINAVJAIN’s ‘Comeback’ Program Shows the Way

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Published on Feb 12, 2024 07:45 PM IST

Since 2021, Abhinav Jain has empowered over 700 individuals world-wide to reclaim their health and confidence

Stop Chasing Trends, Fitness is Simple: #TRAINLIKEABHINAVJAIN’s ‘Comeback’ Program Shows the Way
Stop Chasing Trends, Fitness is Simple: #TRAINLIKEABHINAVJAIN’s ‘Comeback’ Program Shows the Way

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Punjab (India), February 9: Abhinav Jain, a passionate Lifestyle + Fitness Coach and founder of #TRAINLIKEABHINAVJAIN, knows firsthand that proper fitness is about fitness is about building sustainable habits for a healthier, happier you.

Abhinav’s journey started in school when people made fun of his appearance. He turned to exercise not just to change physically but also to enhance his self-esteem. After overcoming personal obstacles, including breakups, injuries, and job changes, he discovered his calling in using fitness to inspire others.

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Since 2021, Abhinav has empowered over 700 individuals world-wide to reclaim their health and confidence. His “Comeback” program, now a thriving 7-figure company, aims to empower 10,000 more individuals to do away with fad diets and rigid routines.

Method of Proper Fitness

Abhinav’s approach is refreshingly simple: forget the latest trends and focus on the fundamentals. He believes fitness is not about chasing sculpted abs or mastering complex routines but about making healthy choices that fit easily into one’s everyday life.

“Fitness isn’t about looking a certain way,” says Abhinav. “It’s about feeling good in your skin, having the energy to do what you love, and building strength for life’s challenges.”

The Three Pillars

Planned Nutrition: Abhinav guides clients in preplanning their meals for the week or day ahead, avoiding guesswork and ensuring optimal energy throughout the day without restrictive diets or calorie counting burdens.

Habits for Life: Abhinav concentrates on laying a solid foundation of knowledge in exercise science and nutrition rather than just offering a diet plan or exercise regimen. This helps clients to make knowledgeable decisions and create long-lasting, healthy habits after the program has ended.

Accountability that Empowers: The program provides ongoing support and guidance through weekly progress monitoring and focusing on positive reinforcement. This accountability system empowers clients to celebrate their victories and stay on track with their goals.

Comeback is Real

Anyone wishing to improve their health can be assured of a “Comeback” with Abhinav’s approach. His weekly progress monitoring and accountability system go beyond calorie counting and generic diet plans. It’s about understanding your body, building healthy habits, and developing a positive mindset towards fitness.

Fitness doesn’t have to be complicated. Abhinav Jain’s #TRAINLIKEABHINAVJAIN program demonstrates that, with the correct mindset, anyone can accomplish their goals and lead a happier, healthier life. Embrace the simple route, and come back stronger with Abhinav.

Client Testimonials

Inderbir Tut, a client of Abhinav, shares his experience:

“I started training with AJ in May. I had been struggling to lose weight for a long time, and I was aware that I lacked in the nutrition part of the journey but never had proper knowledge about it. AJ has taught me a lot about how to track my macros and how to have a proper routine. Training with AJ helped me improve my physical health, boost my confidence, provide a structured routine, and foster a positive attitude towards fitness.”

Piya Lubana, a client based in the US, transformed her health after pregnancy with Abhinav’s guidance. She shared:

“Thank you so much for being patient with me and doing all the magic with your comeback stick. I have lost nearly 23-24 kgs in just three months because of you. You are a great motivator and a hardworking person who is totally and fully invested in his client.”


Abhinav Jain is a passionate Lifestyle + Fitness Coach and founder of #TRAINLIKEABHINAVJAIN. His “Comeback” program empowers individuals to achieve their fitness goals through personalised guidance, sustainable habits, and a positive mindset. To learn more, visit

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